Capital City: Kampala

Visa Required for US Citizen: Yes

Highlights: viewing the endangered mountain gorillas, trekking in the rain forests to view other primates, source of the Nile River, Lake Victoria and game viewing in the Queen Elizabeth Park.

Great destination for those wishing to view the mountain gorillas and for clients who have already travelled to Africa and want a unique destination to visit. Good for couples, small groups and families with children ages 16 or older.

Known as the “Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is an absolute jewel of a country. Along the western side of the country the volcanic landscapes are simply awesome, with dramatic mountain peaks, lush tropical forests, flooded calderas, broad lakes, open savanna and verdant farmlands. Obvious highlights include gorilla tracking in the Bwindi Forest and chimpanzee tracking at Kibale Forest. Savanna landscapes at Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls and the incredibly remote Kidepo national parks provide more conventional safari environments. White-water rafting on the Nile below Jinja is amongst the finest in the world. Historically these areas have been accessed by arduous overland safaris, but the recent introduction of light aircraft services has greatly improved the accessibility and made Uganda a lot more attractive a proposition for a wider range of travelers.

EASILY combinable extensions might be: Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia & South Africa


Uganda is a safari destination that can be visited all year round and lies on the equator with a high altitude. Temperatures average about 79°F during the day and 61°F at night. The hottest months are from December to February and the rain falls between April and May and light rains in November. Southern Uganda is has a higher volume of rain but it is generally spread throughout the year. The northeastern region has the driest climate and is prone to droughts in some years. The south of the country is heavily influenced by one of the world’s biggest lakes, Lake Victoria. It is sunny and green all year around with two distinct rainy seasons stretching from March to May and September to November. However, rain can occur anytime.