Capital City: Lusaka

Visa Required for US Citizen: Yes

Highlights: The land of the legendary African walking safari, Victoria Falls, the wild Zambezi River, abundant wildlife, and raw wilderness, all in one friendly country.

Great destination for couples, small groups wanting to experience great wildlife along with adventure-filled activities.

Zambia is Africa’s ‘gem’ waiting to be discovered. It is one of the friendliest and safest countries on the continent and is just now being recognized as a prime holiday destination for travelers. Because it is largely unspoiled by large volumes of tourists, Zambia evokes images of a land that is somehow reminiscent of the Africa of old, an Africa where many of its people cling to traditional lifestyles and a pace of life that is dictated by the animals and birdlife that share their existence. Spread between the broad expanse of sparkling lakes and mighty rivers, Zambia lies close to the heart of Africa. This is a country with vast wilderness areas spread beneath an endless canopy of trees, home to an extraordinary diversity of wildlife. The best known safari area lies to the east, where the wonderful South Luangwa national park provides the iconic Zambian bush experience, along with the more remote North Luangwa with its specialist walking camps.
To the south, the Lower Zambezi is another fantastic reserve, this time also offering motorboat and canoe trips to complement the usual vehicle and walking safaris. To the west is Kafue, a huge and remote wilderness with a handful of superb camps. Last but by no means least, is the sensational Victoria Falls at Livingstone, an area full of interest and activity.

EASILY combinable extensions might be: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe & Kenya


The general height of the land gives Zambia a more pleasant climate than that experienced in most tropical countries. There are three seasons – cool and dry from May to August, hot and dry from September to November, and warm and wet from December to April. Only in the Valleys of the Zambezi and Luangwa is there excessive heat, particularly in October and, in the wet season, a high humidity. In the warm wet season, frequent heavy showers and thunderstorms occur, followed by spells of bright sunshine. Plants grow profusely and rivers and streams fill up almost overnight. During the cool dry season, night frosts may occur in places sheltered from the wind. The countryside dries up gradually and grass fires, fanned by high winds are a feature of this time of the year. In depressions, frost can occur on cloudless nights. Temperatures rise high during the hot, dry season but new leaves appear on the trees before the start of the rains and new grass brightens the countryside. The main growing period of woody vegetation is between August and November.