Barry & Janice Brayer

I can’t believe real life has taken over. Now we understand! Life changing! Truly, we both loved Kings Camp and Leopard Hills and we had a great time in Cape Town, too!


Joyce Weinper & Family

I wanted to thank you for creating a custom safari for our family that was far beyond our expectations. From our first meeting when you asked us questions about our needs, our children’s needs and the needs of each of our three grandchildren, you really listened and put together a unique adventure. One of the things I always wanted to do was to take my children and grandchildren on a safari to Africa. You helped me make this dream come true!


Roxy Fredrickson & Family

I just have to say thank you so much for planning us an excellent trip!  We are back and had the time of our lives.  It was all just incredible and everything went so smoothly.  Not one hitch anywhere with great weather to boot!


Kyle Maas – Mlima Washindi Group

Our trip to Tanzania where we went to the roof of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, and out on safari was a once in a lifetime experience. It was made even more special by the ease of our journey. From start to finish we were led from one destination to the next with fantastic guides, amenities and service. All this was made possible by Junction Africa who made our trip worry-free, allowing us to fully enjoy this incredible experience.

Tiff & Thor

Tiff & Thor

We are back in LA safe and sound. Thank you for everything you did to put together a beautiful honeymoon for us, it was a truly spectacular honeymoon and trip. The places that we stayed were absolutely beautiful and the experiences unforgettable. It was even more than we imagined. Thank you both again and wishing you a wonderful New Year.